Certified Pranic Healing Instructors in Colorado

Candess Giyan
Certified Pranic Healing Instructor
Candess’s foundation of practice relies on the mantra of compassion from a lineage of service.  Her devotional approach holds this combination of heart and giving as the necessary components for humanity’s evolution. She shares them to others with the same message she received 10 years ago when starting her journey with Pranic Healing, “You can heal yourself.” Her intimate relationship with Prana, life-force energy, developed over a lifetime of movement therapy in many forms. Her work can appear and feel like a dance: adept and soft, conversational in nature. She is as able to read as to respond, often doing both at the same time. Her compelling way of mixing passion and pragmatism effectively intends to clear the path to the river through which all Prana Moves.

MAIL: 3035 W.25th Avenue, Denver, CO 80211
CALL: 303.350.9284
EMAIL: PranaMoves@pranamoves.com

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